by Gary gray - voting member of the grammy recording academy

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The Home Studio Bible

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    2nd edition - 2014

              excerpt from chapter 7

                                            "A More Advanced Signal Chain"


“. . . Secret:  How To Get That Million Dollar Hollywood Studio Lead Vocal Sound - (See Illustrations On Following Two Pages)
Here is an advanced Signal Chain using both INSERTS and SEND/RETURNS for a lead vocal track: Experiment with this set-up and make adjustments to each plug-in until you achieve that million-dollar Hollywood Studio Vocal Sound – because that’s exactly what this often-kept-secret Signal Chain will give you. I’ve never believed in hiding “secrets” in the music industry. In fact, keeping successful set-ups from up-and-coming engineers contributes to destroying the Mentorship tradition that all community-based trades are built upon.

​"Million Dollar Hollywood Studio Lead Vocal Signal Chain

On your INSERT Signal Chain of the Lead Vocal Track place the following plug-ins in this order:
1. De-Esser (if needed)
2. 30 Band EQ (or the best EQ that you have)
​ 3. Compressor
​ 4.  .  .  .  .” 

"Gary, thanks for the advice on mixing the bass and drums using side-chain compression. i've never had it explained so clearly. i immediately started using it on my mixes. . . the main thing that has held me back is trying t0 get my music to broadcast quality.  the simplicity in which you teach really  inspires me to learn."   javier silva

"gary, Thank you so much! my music is going to fly off the shelves. this track sounds great. i'm really glad i met you and aaron. i have only showed a few people so far but the owner of asked me if i would consider an

exclusive licensing deal already!  you are the man!  take care.  --  nathan steinke"