About Gary Gray

"I'm Always Here to Help"

Gary Gray is an award winning Songwriter, Producer, Engineer and Consultant. Gary has been active as a Musician and Educator for over 30 Years.  Gary was recently accepted and welcomed as a Voting Member of The Grammy Recording Academy by the President/CEO of the Academy Neil Portnow. He is still very active in both fields; as an Educator Gary is partnered with Aaron Davison, founder of http://HowToLicenseYourMusic.com and as a Musician, Gary's schedule is a busy one - producing and engineering for clients such as Disney, Hollywood Records, Multi-Platinum Artist Marty Balin and Independent Musicians world-wide.  

For more information visit http://garygrayproductions.com

A message from Quincy Jones to Gary Gray

"To My New Brother Gary - I loved hangin' and dreaming together - Let's stay in touch - you are a very special dude - Love & Props - Quincy Jones" (and then he signed his name in Japanese!)  (photo below)